Freedom Come

Freedom Come

Martina M 



Free at last, we rejoice

Free at last, raise your voice

Free at last, so we thought

Yet here we are still distraught




Remember my cries as they cuff me

Remember my shame when they strip me

Remember my pains and sorrow

Remember me and hope for a free tomorrow




Who would have ever thought that in the year 2017, we would be witnessing the trade of human beings on such a massive scale.

Young African men dreaming of a better tomorrow dared to make a difficult decision all in the hope of more.

But now as you and I get to sleep at night without fear of tomorrow, many lay awake to wonder when this nightmare will ever end.

Our brothers are being traded, cramped into small spaces, continuously being beaten and threatened by fellow human beings.

Being abused and fed like animals.


Free at last we rejoiced

Free at last so we thought.



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