Coping with Depression during the Holidays

Coping with Depression during the Holidays

Depression and the Holidays


A lot of holidays be it Hanukkah, Christmas, New Years, Eid, thanksgiving (which we probably shouldn’t be celebrating) or even the petty holidays like valentines day or halloween can be suffocating. The world becomes this image of sentimentality and tenderness, and with this happening annually you’re forced to view your year in completion, it can be a lot. External warmth accentuates internal strife.  


It’s easy to check out when dates start to come up. You start to note exploitation of family values more, the smiles in the ads seem faker the longer you look at it. The world becomes an ongoing theme party that you’re just not into. 

Tips: Act/ watch/ listen to something sentimental to try to revive your grinch heart, do an act of charity to relearn what good faith is about OR avoid sentimentality like the plague, this is a situation where there is very little middle ground



This usually comes quickly after apathy, holiday spirit is forced fed so to act in opposition to what ever current values is seen as sacrilegious (both figuratively and occasional literally). 

Tip: Be it if you’re that angsty cousin at the family gathering or the neighbourhood scrooge, it’s unfair of you to find resentment and discontent in other people’s happiness, this is just something you need to work through with patience.



Depression creates a perception or experience of isolation, it’s hard and there’s no real answer for the emptiness you feel when all you see in the idea of togetherness. So if you are alone know that during a holiday people are brimming with affection, this is the one case when you can get tender care without actual reason. There is a saying that ‘no one is alone’ there is both truth and lies in that statement, truth in that there’s numerous options if you are willing and open, such as spending the day volunteering or having a misfits celebration but depression is tough not everyone will be content with surrounding themselves with people they’re not entirely comfortable with sharing sentiment with. 


But it’s okay,


It’s okay to be alone on Christmas no matter how many ABC family specials tell you otherwise. It’s a day, if you’re can’t be around anyone it’s okay, if you don’t want to be around anyone it’s okay. If you can not partake in a holiday, there will be more, there’s a future and a past every Christmas is ’This Christmas by WHAM!’



How do I interact with people without being an asshole?


It’s okay, because realistically more often than not that holiday that has been crushing you is only 24hrs long. It’s okay that people enjoy the holidays and it’s okay if this year you’re not where you want to be, who you want to be with, or who you want to be. You define yourself and more importantly you define your days, if you genuinely don’t like a holiday fuck it. 

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